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Plasma and flame cutting

In order to expand its services DUTRADE ZRT put into operation a CNC controlled flame and plasma cutting equipment in 2011. The Thermocut 2060 equipment is supplied with both a plasma and flame cutting torch. Both cutting torches are rotation torches, which are suitable for various welding seam preparations.   

Grades of materials to cut:

  • unalloyed structure steels
  • slightly alloyed steels

The cutting equipment is suitable for not only the cutting of sheets but also fubes with diameters between 200 and 1000 mm.
Dimension tolerances of cut parts comply with specifications of Table 7 of Standard EN ISO 9013:2002.

We give individual price quotations for cutting, where we take into consideration the steel grade, length and thickness to cut, the dimensions of the cut part, complexity, number of punches, quantity to cut and the extent of the output material.

Dimension of our work area: 3000 × 12000 mm 

Plasma cutter:

  • cutting torch: Hyperterm
  • electrical supply for Hypertherm: Powermax 1650
  • thickness to cut with straight cutting: 3 - 30 mm, with angle cutting: 15 - 45°, 3 - 20 mm thickness

plasma cutting
plasma cutting

Flame cutter:

  • type of cutting torch: Messer
  • maximum thickness to cut: 250 mm, with angle cutting: 15 - 100 mm thickness

flame cutting
flame cutting


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